April 20-22 2018

Creation Conference 2018

Is Science Closing the Door on Evolution?

Answers to Defend Your Faith

Talk Descriptions

Brian Thomas

What You Haven’t Been Told About Dinosaurs

Brian presents little-known but critical observations about dinosaurs, gleaned from science and Scripture. He presents solid answers to the biggest dinosaur questions, including how the fossil and historical evidence of dinosaurs and dragons fits so well with Noah’s Flood.


Why the World is Only Thousands of Years Old

A common objection to Christianity among formerly churched youth is that the “scientific” age of the earth conflicts with the Bible’s age. But in truth, real science from astronomy, biology, and geology clearly show a thousands-of-years-old world. Brian reveals easy-to-understand evidence that refutes “millions of years” and confirms a biblical age of the world.


The Beginning of Life

Using information not found in secular Biology textbooks, Brian demonstrates the complete failure of the evolutionary model to explain how life began. He quickly critiques evolutionary speculations about the beginning of life. Then, by illustrating the amazing precision in cellular machines, he shows that life was undoubtedly created by God.


Why Genesis Matters

From where did we come? Aren’t such questions side issues, peripheral to the core doctrines of Christianity? Brian’s personal story of discovery touches on the earth's age, the fossil record, and why Genesis is not just a side issue, but core to life’s central theme.


Soft Tissues in Solid Rocks!

Were original red blood cells really discovered inside dinosaur bones in 2005? Are “fossilized” structures that look just like blood vessels, cells and skin actually from the original creatures? The answer is “yes.” Over 40 specific instances of original, organic fossil tissues show why the rock layers that contain them must only be thousands of years old.

Dr. Leo (Jake) Hebert III

The Big Bang is Broken (semi-technical)

This talk is excellent for those wanting a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind the bizarre claims of Big Bang astronomers (the claim that most of the matter in the universe is “exotic,” never before observed forms of matter; the claim that other universes exist; “inflation” theory; etc.). A great equipping resource for those who want to know why Big Bang proponents make the claims that they do. Despite the optimistic claims of Big Bang proponents, the Big Bang model is in serious trouble. A technical background is not necessary to follow the discussion. Most appropriate for high school and above.


The Big Bang is Broken (popular level)

Covers similar content from the semi-technical version, but with less technical detail. More appropriate for audiences with younger children. Includes beautiful photographs of astronomical objects and presents much evidence that we live in a young universe, contrary to the Big Bang model, but consistent with the Bible’s short (~6,000 year) history.


Ice Cores and Deep Seafloor Sediments: Do They Really Prove Millions of Years?

Biblical skeptics claim that deep seafloor sediments and the deep ice cores of Greenland and Antarctica present irrefutable evidence for an Earth that is much older than the Bible’s short ~6,000 year timescale – and they have no hesitation in using these cores as “hammers” to attack young peoples’ faith in the Scriptures. Although the topic is also discussed in The Mystery of the Ice Age, this talk delves into the topic in greater detail, addressing skeptical objections that could not be addressed in the other talk due to time constraints. This presentation completely and convincingly demolishes the claim that the deep cores “prove” an old Earth. It also shows how features in the cores are actually consistent with – and in some cases, strongly favor – the biblical Creation/Flood model. Because the ice cores are considered by many to be one of the very strongest arguments for an old Earth, it is important for Christians to know how to answer these arguments.


What You Haven’t Been Told About Radioisotope Dating

Explains why no Christian should be intimidated by claims that radioisotope dating methods prove an old Earth. Discusses the conventional assumptions behind the dating methods, why those assumptions are questionable, and how the data, rightly interpreted, are actually consistent with the Bible’s short ~6,000 year history.


Does the ‘God Particle’ Prove the Big Bang

Particle physicists announced proof for the existence of the Higgs boson, the so-called ‘God particle’, in 2012. Some immediately claimed that this was “proof” of the Big Bang and a blow to Christianity. This talk cuts through the “hype” and shows how these claims are irresponsible exaggerations. Despite the subject matter, this is not a “technical” talk (no math!).


Science…or Science Fiction? Why the Laws of Physics Could Not Have Created the Universe

A number of prominent anti-theistic physicists such as Stephen Hawking, Lawrence Krauss, and Michio Kaku, claim that the laws of physics could have created the universe, without the need for a Creator. This talk explains, in an easy-to-understand (no math!) and surprisingly entertaining way, why such claims are sheer nonsense!


‘Global Warming’ and the Christian

This surprisingly humorous talk presents five reasons why Christians should not be ‘panicking’ over the ‘global warming’ issue. Dr. Hebert’s Ph.D. research actually has relevance to this ‘hot’ topic issue.

‘Global Warming’ and the Christian. (Geared for a high school or middle school audience.)



Mark Amundrud

God Created Marriage.

After God created Adam and Eve the first issue on His mind was marriage (Genesis 2).  Marriage is the culmination of the creation account. Why is marriage so central in God’s plan?  Why are perversions of marriage harmful?  This study examines scripture to show why marriage is essential in God’s plan (even for life-long singles).


What Caused Noah’s Flood?

The flood was far more than 40 days of torrential rain and fountains of water.  Genesis describes 150 days of meteorite showers and global volcanoes.  These caused 40 days of unceasing, torrential rain followed by 120 days of intermittent torrential rain.  The common interpretation that 40 days of rain caused the flood has led many to believe that the Bible is a myth because it does not match the geologic record.  The context of Genesis chapters seven and eight demand 150 days of meteorites and volcanoes.  The Genesis flood account perfectly matches the geological record.


Not All Scientific Assumptions Are Correct

Science has made numerous, foundational assumptions.  These assumptions have little effect on experiments and scientific data, but they have immense effects on the interpretation of the data.  This presentation examines three simple assumptions.  These assumptions have not been proven, but they dramatically change the meaning of scientific ‘facts’.  Evidence suggests that these assumptions are wrong.  When they are corrected, scientific ‘facts’ that seemed to contradict the Bible now support it.